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We cook with beautiful fresh vegetables, whole foods and organic dairy, changing our menu every season. We have created hundreds of wonderful dishes since our inception. All of our menus include new ideas whilst still offering big hitting favourites.

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A step ahead to taste your favourite food!

Our Food Menu

Looking for a new dining experience? Try Exit 156 Port Severn Restaurant at (705) 538-2941 in Port Severn. Locate our special lunch menus which feature such things as chicken that will have you raving about our fine food. We offer some of the best canadian food around!

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We’re here to serve you the best food around, whenever you’re looking for a great Canadian restaurant in Ontario.

Hygienic Food

We love what we’ve built and we’re really proud of the journey we’ve been on…but we’re not finished yet. It’s a really exciting time for us as we continue to develop our offering and guest experience, challenging the industry status quo to make something special.